{February 18, 2014} Early voting for the Texas Primary Elections is officially open!

Early voting for the Texas Primary Elections is officially open! Beginning today, and going through Friday, February 28th, registered voters can vote early in person at an early voting location. Click here to find an early voting location near you. You can also vote early by mail, if you meet the criteria. Find out more here.

You can also visit Rock the Vote’s Election Center to learn more about early voting in Texas, and to find out where and when to go.

— Rock the Vote Voter Registration Center

P.S. Don’t forget about the new voter ID law in Texas! Voters are now required to show certain types of photo ID to vote (on Election Day or at an early voting site). The following IDs are accepted:

  • A current and valid Texas driver’s license
  • A current and valid Texas state personal ID card
  • A current and valid U.S. Military ID card with a photo
  • A current and valid U.S. Passport or a U.S. Citizenship Certificate with a photo
  • A current and valid License to carry a concealed handgun

##BANNER## For more information about voter ID, click here. There’s even information about obtaining a photo voter ID, aka Election Identification Certificate, if you don’t have one of the IDs listed above.

Rock the Vote / Register To Speak Out!

TODAY is National Voter Registration Day!  (September 24, 2013)

The day is finally here! Happy National Voter Registration Day!

Yes we have to Vote for more than just the President for this System to work! You have to participate in your local and state elections as well! What happens in you local elections affect you way more that what happens in you presidential elections. For these are the elections where the future decision makers in YOUR state get started before later going on to Washington DC to represent you and vote on your behalf. 

#CelebrateNVRD by getting registered today via http://registertospeak.org/Register or http://rtvote.com/1fcXIaN.

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Register To Speak Out! Founder Vincent “Heartbreak” Tucker graces the latest cover of AMPS Magazine and tells his “Heartbreaking” Story. 

DALLAS (September 11, 2013) - Rising multi-faceted entertainer, humanitarian & entrepreneur Vincent “Heartbreak” Tucker graces the cover of AMPS magazine and gives his most in-depth personal interview to date. 

In the cover story, the 30-year-old syndicated radio personality tugs on the heart strings of readers as he opens up about his heartbreaking childhood growing up which included surviving a 5-alarm house fire that claimed the lives of three (his grandparents & 7-year-old sister) when he was 9-years-old, dealing with his parents drug abuse and their abandoning him at the age of thirteen and much more. 

I’m not Heartbreak because I’m breaking the hearts of women, I’m Heartbreak because I came from the bottom, went through the trials and tribulations and I’m still here. Very few people alive have ever witnessed struggles that I’ve survived as a kid…God has special plans for me and I’m a living example of what God can deliver you from.” Vincent told AMPS.

“The Next American Feel Good Story in the making” also gave his insight on various topics including being a role model for the current generation & at-risk youths everywhere, men pulling their pants up, the business ventures that he’s apart of & the importance of giving back to the community.

The newest issue of AMPS also features Actor/Singer Terrell Carter (Tyler Perry’s Diary of a Mad Black Woman, Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Class Reunion & Tyler Perry’s Meet The Browns), Model/Actress Kamila Onikosi, Author Dee Harris and Veteran Broadcaster Holiday Sparkx. 

Volume 2, Issue 5 of AMPS MAGAZINE featuring Vincent “Heartbreak” Tucker on the cover is available right now at www.AMPSDallas.com

Source: AMPSDallas.com

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VIDEO RECAP: Vincent “Heartbreak” Tucker and Friends Give Back to the Freshman Class of A. Maceo Smith New Tech High School!

On June 17, 2013, Vincent “Heartbreak” Tucker, DJ Flip, K.G. of Cosign Magazine and Dupah of Streetspeaker.com gave back and spent time with the upcoming Freshman Class of A. Maceo Smith New Tech High School! As the students began spending a week at the school to learn about New Tech High, Heartbreak & Company showed up to entertain & inspire the future leaders of tomorrow…check it out!

www.Streetspeaker.com Exclusive! 
• Location: A. Maceo Smith New Tech High School (Oak Cliff, Texas)
• Date Recorded: June 17, 2013
• Videography by Dupah of www.StreetSpeaker.com

2013 © Streetspeaker.com / CWC Entertainment Group, LLC

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"Register to Speak Out would like to take this opportunity to salute everyone that exercised their right to vote and participated in the presidential election! For those of you that showed up and voiced your opinion, whether your candidates won or not, don’t stop here! Continue to raise your voice and encourage others to do the same! Peace and much love!"

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Take Advantage of Early Voting!!!

We know your busy schedule may make it difficult to get to the polls and even if you do wait until November 6, the lines can be/will be long. That’s why Register To Speak Out is encouraging everyone to participate in early voting! Your County is offering full-time early voting locations in libraries, schools, city halls and recreation centers.. Polling locations may vary from election to election and will be posted before each election. So whether you are rushing to or from work, school, or life activities, please take a minute to stop by and cast your vote.

Click Here! Election 2012: Early And Absentee Voting, By State!

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